Rafting In Rishikesh

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Rafting Details

  • From - Brahmpuri to Nim beach

    Family stretch( 9 km ) is very interesting and specially for newcomers.It is easier and can be enjoyed with the whole family . You can do this stretch along with your children.

  • From - Shivpuri to Nim beach
    Adventurous stretch (16 km ) is full of adventure and fun . This stretch is specially for adult and those who have done rafting before .

  • From - Merine drive to Nim beach

    Long adventurous stretch ( 26 km ) is similar to 16 km strech accordingly rapids grade. In this stretch you can enjoy your maximum time with the river ganges and beauty of nature.

  • From - Kaudiyala to Nim beach

    The Wall stretch ( 38 km ) is very famous and has class grade 5 rapid in the river Ganges . It is most adventurous and technical stretch. You should be a swimmer if you want to enjoy this stretch(compulsory).

Release and assumption of risk

White water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and other similar sports activity & even travelling by automobile of any description on foot & on animal back in the populated or remote areas of the Himalayas are not always free of danger and accident, rescission or injury. Loss of limbs or even death are likely to occur at times. In isolated areas, medical facilities are not readily available in the case of emergency or illness and temporary treatment is possible only with first aid. Such calamities associated with sports activities as described above have been fully explained to me by said company. While I/ we undertake this adventure trip arranged by the aforesaid adventure outfitters, I/ we also fully realize that due to slight negligence on my/ our part or due to the unpredictable weather condition, the trip may accumulate in some unfavorable developments, for which said adventure company & their associates organizing my trip, should in no way be held responsible. I/ we also fully affirm that after careful consideration and scrutiny of all the risks involved, I/ we undertake this trip arranged by said adventure company and do hereby assume any risks of illness, injury of limbs and even death hereby release and discharge above adventure company or its associates from any claim for damages likely to be made by hires or executers of my will etc. By making part/ full payment to said adventure company, I/ we have acquired the right to participate in this adventure. I/ we willingly undertake in full conscience reading this document and as such my heirs, close kin's friends are under the obligation to honor it letter by letter. Any controversy of claim arising out of or relating to this agreement or the interpretation there of shall be settled in there, under the jurisdiction of District court of Tehri. I, as a parent/ guardian of the minor(s) who is/ are also listed below, hereby give permission with my signature to participate in the trip and fully agree, individually and on behalf of my child or ward, to the terms of the above document. I'll never enter or allow my children's to enter river without life jacket. The camp in charge has briefed us the danger and risk factors of rafting, camping, trekking and all other adventure activities. NOTE - PERSON HAVING PROBLEM LIKE ASTHAMA, EPILEPSY OR ANY OTHER MEDICAL PROBLEM IS NOT ALLOWED FOR RAFTING